Guest experiences and reviews

We would like to share other guests’ feedback of Wens Chalets with you. We send our guests a survey after a stay in one of our catered chalets and ask them to write a review. These reviews are listed below. Of course you can also find reviews about Wens Chalets on Zoover and Tripadvisor.


We really enjoyed our stay at Wens chalet. Fantastic staff and chalet. We are certainly considering a new stay at Wens chalet. Food is varied and hygiene is in good order.

Jordi - 2 March 2019


Staying in Chalet Sonnenfeld has pleased us as a family very much. Bedrooms are on a small side, bathroom very small but sufficient. Some extra wall sockets because of chargers would be nice. Space downstairs spacious and cozy. Especially bar with dart board, shuffleboard are frequently used. Food provided by chalet staff very good and varied, not the standard Austrian dishes, top! Very friendly and hospitable chalet staff. Front door has code, perhaps a code or key for ski storage would be a good addition. Was now open to everyone. Did not cause any problems. As a family group, we enjoyed it, certainly worth repeating.

Cornelia - 29 December 2018


We had a wonderful stay in Fieberbrunn. The chalet staff did their utmost to make our stay as pleasant as possible. The care was fine, the cook was fantastic. If we have to give a point of criticism, the hot water supply for the showers could be better. But otherwise we had a great week!

Johanna - 29 December 2018


Our stay was great. Coming home to Austria! Good hospitable staff. The shower was not always nice in terms of temperature and water pressure, but that is some point of attention. Compliments! Fons (manager) and Siem (cook) were great!

Esther Heezen - 29 December 2018


We had a wonderful week with the family in chalet Sonnfeld in Fieberbrunn. Points that stand out: a beautifully situated chalet, a very hospitable and professional staff, and a nice child-friendly atmosphere. Every reason to come back here another time.

Hans Sluijs - 9 March 2018

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