When your question is not among the questions below feel free to send an e-mail to info@wens.nl. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

Booking information

I would like to book a towel package, what exactly does this mean?

Your bed linen is always included in the price. A towel package is not included, but you could book a towel package for €8,50 p.p. Upon arrival, you will receive a towel package which exists of 2 towels (a bigger and smaller one). The staff will change the package on Tuesday and Thursday. If you would like to book a towel package, please contact our office staff or indicate on the application form which you will receive after your booking.

Taking the environment into consider, we would kindly ask you to inform the chalet staff in case you do not find it necessary to receive fresh towels.

When will I receive the travel documents?

You will receive your travel documents at least at one week before departure, once your residual payments have been received. The travel documents include directions to the chalet, the telephone number of the chalet and the chalet staff, the vouchers and any other necessary information about the chalet.

Can I get any discount via Wens Chalets on my ski pass, ski rental and/or ski lessons?

This would indeed be possible. In most cases the staff will have found a local supplier which guarantees the most quality and service and will have agreed a special discount for the guests of Wens Chalets. Please always inform our staff before you will rent your skis or buy your ski passes.

Chalet staff

Does the staff have a day-off during the week?

Yes, the staff will have a day off on Wednesdays. On Tuesday evening, the staff will prepare the breakfast for the following morning. You may use the kitchen on Wednesday night yourselves provided that you bring your own groceries. It is very much appreciated that the kitchen and dining room are cleaned before the staff returns on Thursday. 

Can we give the staff our dietary requirements?

During the season the staff makes use of the guidelines of the week menu to guarantee the highest quality.
The daily menu includes three courses with a great variety of ingredients. This is why we assume that in case you do not like a specific ingredient, there always are enough alternatives to enjoy. You are always free to ask the staff for a little change in the menu. In case there are any allergies, please inform us at least 2 weeks before departure.
We can not guarantee your specific eating wishes if you notify the staff upon arrival, but the staff will do everything in their power to make sure your needs are met.

Can we agree with the staff on the time to have dinner?

In each chalet dinner will start between 18.00 and 19.30 o’clock. If you hired the chalet for sole use, you may always consult with your staff at what time you would want your dinner to start. It would also be a possibility to have the child’s dinner before.

Covid measures in France

Where can I find the most up to date information?

For this it is best to consult the following website:

Government France

Covid measures in Italy

Where can I find the most up to date information about Italy?

For this it is best to consult the following website:

Government Italy

Covid measures in Austria

In your chalet

Are there any toys available in the chalets?

There are enough toys present in our child-friendly chalets. 

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, in most of the chalets the chalet owner does not allow pets in the chalet, but you are always welcome to consult with our office staff.

Is there wifi available in the chalet?

There is wifi available in the living room of all of our chalets. In some of the chalets there is also wifi available in the bed rooms.

Is there a CD and/or DVD-player or TV in the chalet?

Each chalet has a stereo system available. A TV and a DVD player will be present in a number of our chalets. Not all TV’s have a satellite connection. If you would like to get some more detailed information about the presence of various equipment, we kindly ask you to contact one of our office staff.

Will lunch be served in the chalets?

Lunch is not included during your stay. The staff will not prepare lunch and it is also not possible to use the breakfast bread for lunch. If you do want lunch, there are three options:
* Round lunch time you will return to the chalet to have lunch. The staff could order extra bread and charge this with you. You can buy additional products yourself and have lunch in the chalet. We would kindly ask you to clean up everything afterwards.
* You could order lunch packets which the staff will prepare for you. A lunch package consists of 2 sandwiches, a piece of fruit, a candy bar and a drink. The price for this is €5,- p.p.
* In the child-friendly chalets, the lunch for the children is included. When you will make use of our childcare service, the costs for a child’s lunch will be €2,50 per child. 

Is there a washing machine in the chalet?

Each chalet will have a washing machine but this is intended for use by the staff only. It is always possible to ask the staff whether it would be possible to make use of the washing machine for urgent purposes.

Are there children cots and chairs available?

Each chalet has 1 cot and 1 high chair available. In the child friendly chalets there are more of these cots and chairs available. If you would like to use a cot, we ask you to indicate this on your application form which you will receive after you made a reservation.

What is the smoking policy in the wens chalets?

In all of our chalets, it is not allowed to smoke. When you would like to smoke outside of the chalet, we would kindly ask you not to throw them away outside.  You can always ask the chalet staff for an ashtray. 

Prices and accounting

When will I receive the invoice for my stay? How much is the deposit?

You will receive your invoice after you confirmed your booking with us and after we received your application form. We require a deposit of 25% of the total amount. The residual amount needs to be paid eight weeks prior to departure, but you will only receive one invoice for both payments.

How much is the price made up for an individual guest?

The price which is published on our website, is the price per (adult) person per week. Children under 1 years old stay for free. The price for children between 1 and 3 years old is €250,- Children between 4 and 10 years old get 30% off the published price (provided that the children stay in their parents room. If there are more children between 4 and 10 years old, they will need to have their own room.

How is the price made up for a group?

In order to rent the entire chalet, you should meet a minimum amount of full paying persons per chalet times the published price. When some of the minimum number of persons are children, for the children the adult price should be paid. The children must pay the adult price until the lower limit for private hire of the chalet is achieved.

Every child younger then 11 years old will receive a discount when the total number of guests exceeds the minimum required number of guests. The discount for children between 4 and 11 years old is 30%. Children between 1 and 3 years old, pay a standard price of €250,-. Children younger then 1 years old, come for free.

Every adult above the minimum prescribed number of persons in high season (even though the week is in a low season) gets 30% discount. If  you have less people than the minimum prescribed number, you must pay the full price (up to the minimum number) in order to rent your private chalet. However, you will receive €50,- discount for each empty  bed (up to the minimum number).

On which account number can I transfer the payments?

You can transfer the amount of your payment to Wens Chalets in Baarn, the Nederlands. Please use the account number mentioned below and also indicate your payment with the booking code and invoice number.

Wens Chalets bv
IBAN NL72 ABNA 0643 1208 07
Swiftcode ABNANL2A

My travel mates and I would like to pay separately, is that possible?

We will create an invoice for  your entire group. If you want to pay separately, please mention the booking code and invoice number with your payment.

How much do we pay for the tourist tax?

The price of the tourist tax depends on the destination. Every village has its own tourist tax.
In the last few years most of the villages charge more and more for the tourist tax. In most of the villages the tourist tax will be in between €1,50 and €3,00 per person per night. In most cases children under 12 years will not have to pay any tourist tax.

The tax needs to be paid up on arrival, you can arrange this with the chalet hosts. After that, they will hand it over to the local municipality. So the tax is not included in the price. 

Travel information

Would I need a motor way sticker for travelling to the destination?

Austria or Swiss

For driving on the Austrian or Swiss highways (A-roads) and motorways (S road, B180, B302 and S1) a motor way sticker is necessary.

The costs for the stickers are approximately as following:
Austria valid for 10 days: around €9,-
Austria valid for 2 months: around: €25.-

The stickers can be obtained in Austria at the border or at any cigar shops or service stations. Driving without a valid motorway sticker will risk a major penalty. Federal police or customs will have the power to charge a fine up to €240,-. 


In France you pay toll for having access to the motor ways. Normally for the winter sports destinations, you would have to pay approximately €40 tot €55 for a one way.


In Italy you have to pay toll for using the Brennerpas (approximately €8,50 per one way) and also for the autostrada. Up to the exit to Val Gardena this is more or less €2,00.

At what time are we expected in the chalet on the day of arrival?

The previous group will leave the chalet at 10.00 A.M. if you would like to go skiing on the day of arrival, unfortunately it would not be possible changing your clothes in the chalet. You can always contact the staff and check whether there are any other possibilities regarding your luggage.

In between 10.00 and 14.00 o’clock the staff will clean the chalet, they really need this time to prepare the chalet for you. Unfortunately it would also not be possible to leave your belongings at the chalet to have another day of skiing, because the new guests will arrive from 14.00 and you can not make use of the facilities of the chalet anymore.

Wens Chalets formula

What does a catered chalet mean precisely?

A catered chalet is the ideal combination between the comfort of your own house and the luxury of a hotel. During your stay in one of the Wens Chalets you will not need to worry about cleaning, buying groceries, washing the dishes or other household tasks. Also you will not need to look for a restaurant at night for as the staff members will cook a wonderful three meal course for you. In short you can enjoy your well-deserved skiing holiday.

What is included and not included in the price?

Below is listed what's included and excluded with Wens Chalets


  • 7 x overnight;
  • 7 x breakfast;
  • 6 x 3-course dinner;
  • All drinks (excluded strong alcoholic drinks);
  • Bedding;
  • Firewood if a fire is present;
  • Sauna use (between 17:00 and 19:00), if present in the catered chalet; 
  • Jacuzzi and solarium, if facilities are present in the catered chalet;
  • Dutch chalet staff to prepare breakfast and dinner, home care, information and assistance in arranging ski passes, ski rental and ski school.


  • Strong alcoholic drinks;
  • Lunch;
  • Tourist tax;
  • Snacks on returning home (if desired by booking extra our Comfort Package);
  • Towels (if desired by booking extra);
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (if desired);
  • One-time € 25,00 reservation fee;
  • Ski passes;
  • Transportation.

Additional options

Wens Chalets offers you the ability to create a more enjoyable stay in one of our catered chalets. Below are the prices of our extras:                                              

Towel package


Comfort Package (click here for more information) 


Baby bed and baby chair (on request)  



Lunch package 


Childcare (click here for more information) per session per babysitter


What does an average menu look like?

For us, good food and an elaborate dinner are key components of a successful skiing holiday. The chalet staff spend much time, care and attention to the preparation of your dinner. To give you an idea of what you can expect during your stay we have prepared a sample menu for you. 

Basil Bruschetta with fresh tomato and mozzarella

Meat loaf with roasted onions, mushrooms and tomatoes
Pomme Gratin
Salad with red onion, cucumber, feta and olives

Poached pears with chocolate mousse


Giant Mushrooms stuffed with bacon and bleu ‘dAuvergne served with a warm ‘Morzinoise’ roll


Braised cod with a mustard cream sauce, mashed potatoes and roasted winter vegetables


Warm pear apple crumb pie with ice cream

Is it possible for the staff to watch over our children in any chalet?

In our child-friendly chalets the care child is included in the price. In the other chalets you can book a babysitter separately. When you make use of this extra service, the babysitter will come to your chalet to take care of the children (from 1 to 5 years). The babysitting service will take care of the toys, food and drinks for your children. The costs are €75,- per morning or afternoon. The babysitter can look after a maximum of 4 children. This service is possible in almost all of our chalets on demand. This service can be requested during the booking process. The service is available in the low season weeks.

Would it also be possible to reserve a room in the chalet individually?

Inbitially, our chalets are only available for sole use, but Wens Chalets also proposes many weeks to be open for individual bookings. So yes, you are able to reserve a room in a chalet individually. You book the desired number of rooms and we ensure that the rooms will be booked by others. Our office staff can tell you exactly which chalet, in your desired week is open for individual reservations. Together with the other guests you will share the living/dining room and other general facilities.

Is a short stay in a Wens Chalet negotiable?

A stay of less than a week is also possible with Wens Chalets. If you would like to book a short ski, we advise you to contact us, so we can send you an offer. U can send an e-mail to chalets@wens.nl or call us on 035-5429444.

Can I also stay in a Wens Chalet with my company?

Wens Chalets also has chalets which are available for a stay with your colleagues. In that case, most of the beds have separate matrasses and the rooms their own facilities. With your company you will have your own chalet available for sole use. Wens Business Events arranges your accommodation, transport, material and activities. You can ask for an offer via www.wensbusinessevents.nl.