Price information and discounts

On this page you will find more information about prices and discounts of the catered chalets of Wens Chalets. On the page of your favourite chalet you can make a price calculation.

Prices catered chalets

On this page you'll find more information about the prices and discounts of our catered chalets. On the webpage of the specific chalet it is possible to make a price calculation.

Price calculation

If you want to rent an entire chalet with a group, you must pay the minimum number of full paying guests for the particular chalet. The minimum numbers can be found on the page of your desired chalet. A discount will be applied when you book a chalet in the high season over the minimum required adults.

Click here for the full price schedule.

Group discount

For each additional guest you book over the (adult) season minimum, you will receive a 30% discount *.


If you book a catered chalet with 18 adults (from 11 years) in the off season, with a peak season minimum of 16, then we charge for the 17th and 18th person 30% discount.

If you want to rent a private catered chalet with your group, but you do not meet the minimum requirements, it's still possible to rent a catered chalet. However, we charge in this case extra for private use. In some cases it's also possible to share the catered chalet with other guests.

Discounts for children 

Skiing with your children? Special rates apply for children up to 10 years at Wens Chalets. 

  • Children up to 1 year: free of charge; 
  • Children from 2 up to 3 years pay € 250,00 standard; 
  • Children from 4 to 10 years receive 30% off standard.

Concerning child discounts we try to place the children, where possible, in the room with their parent(s). To take advantage of the child discounts, you must use the total amount for the chalet (minimum number of guests x person adult price).

What is included with Wens Chalets?

Below is listed what's included and excluded with Wens Chalets


  • 7 x overnight;
  • 7 x breakfast;
  • 6 x 3-course dinner;
  • All drinks (excluded strong alcoholic drinks);
  • Bedding;
  • Towels;
  • Firewood if a fireplace is present;
  • Sauna use (between 17:00 and 19:00), if present in the catered chalet; 
  • Whirlpool, if facilities are present in the catered chalet;
  • Dutch / English speaking chalet staff to prepare breakfast and dinner, home care, information and assistance in arranging ski passes, ski rental and ski school.


  • Strong alcoholic drinks;
  • Lunch;
  • Tourist tax;
  • Snacks on returning home (if desired by booking extra our Comfort Package);
  • Travel and cancellation insurance (if desired);
  • One-time € 35,00 reservation fee;
  • Ski passes;
  • Transportation.

Additional options

Wens Chalets offers you the ability to create a more enjoyable stay in one of our catered chalets. Below are the prices of our extras:                                              

Deluxe package


Beverages XL package 


Baby bed and baby chair (on request)