General Terms and Conditions

Listed below are the General Terms and Conditions of Wens Chalets. 


After a reservation has been made, you will receive a registration form to fill in your details. By returning this form you confirm your booking to Wens Chalets B.V. When receiving a written confirmation of your booking you will receive an invoice with the grand total divided into a deposit payment and a final payment. The deposit payment is always 25% of the total amount plus € 35,00 administration fee and if applicable the excess of your insurance.

The final payment of 75% has to be received by Wens Chalets BV not later than 8 weeks prior to the start date of your holiday. If your booking has been made less then 8 weeks prior to the start date of your holiday, you have to pay the grand total at once as stated on the invoice. With any payment made to Wens Chalets BV please use your booking/invoice number, noted on the invoice. The lead name making the booking and therefore signing the contract on behalf of the group will be held responsible for all agreed in the contract.

Wens Chalets BV is always the contracting party and responsible for your bookings. Wens Chalets BV never uses third parties for their accommodation.

Only possible with group bookings:

Should one or more of the original registered members of the group not be able to join the trip, than there is the possibility to change this/these person(s) for new participant(s). The contract based upon the original registered group has an option to change the names of the new participant(s). Any booked insurances do not have the possibility to change names. For any new participant you will need to book a new insurance.

Trip costs

All the included items in the booking are clearly stated in our offer with prices.

Items not included are:

  • Booked insurances;
  • Spending money;
  • Lunch;
  • Strong alcoholic drinks;
  • Tourist Tax;

All the included prices stated in the price list are per person and are based on the price, terms and conditions known to us at the time of publishing. In case of unforeseen currency fluctuations Wens Chalets BV reserve the right to change these costs.


All drinks, with the exception of strong alcoholic drinks (liquor, spirits), are included during your stay in our chalet. Wens Chalets has the right to charge a guest or group for any additional costs due to high abuse of alcohol consumption.

Group bookings

For every chalet there is a minimum price required in order to book a chalet with sole use for the week. The minimum price can be calculated by minimum number of guests x price per adult. These minimum numbers have to be paid for (regardless of group size or age of people of the group).The rates will depend on the chalet and on traveldates.

If you book an entire chalet for one group, Wens Chalets BV strongly recommends you to take insurance for each individual person.

  • There is a minimum number of full paying persons (price per adult) per chalet;
  • Every extra person above the high season's minimum and under the maximum number will receive a 30% discount;
  • Group reductions are only applicable for bookings of a full week;

Only the person making the booking (the lead party name) will receive an invoice with the grand total for the whole group. If you require an invoice per person Wens Chalet BV has to charge € 35,00 administration fee per sent invoice plus the booking will not be seen as a group booking but an individual booking.

In order to make a group booking Wens Chalets BV has to have one lead party name for all administrational and financing issues. If any person(s) within the group cancels and the minimum number required can not be met, the group has to pay the remaining costs in order to keep the chalet for the group.

Individual bookings

For individual bookings there is no required minimum number of people.

  • There is no group reduction or discounts with an individual booking;
  • When there are less than three children, they will sleep in their parents room;
  • Child reductions are applicable for individual bookings;
  • Baby’s up to 1 year old: free (you have to bring your own baby bed. Meals for the baby and babysitting in the child friendly chalets is not included). There is the possibility to book babysitting for baby's up to 1 year old in the childfriendly chalets. This will cost € 250,00;
  • Children from 2 up to 3 years of age: € 250,00;
  • Children from 4 up to 10 years of age: 30% reduction.

Travel documents

When total payment is done you will receive all the travel documents required. This includes information about the area and the chalet you have booked, including contact details of your chalet hosts.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only receive the travel documents when full payment has been received by Wens Chalets bv.


Cancellation of your holiday will only be taken in writing and/or email. When a reservation is cancelled, the following conditions and payments apply;

  • A cancellation up to 16 weeks before the start date of your holiday will be your deposit payment (25% of the travel sum), plus (if applicable) the excess of your insurance and (if applicable) the total transfer costs ;
  • A cancellation between 16 and 3 weeks before the start date of your holiday will be 90% of the grand total, plus (if applicable) the excess of your insurance and (if applicable) the total transfer costs ;
  • A cancellation within 3 weeks before the start of your holiday will be the grand total, plus (if applicable) the excess of your insurance and (if applicable) the total transfer costs.

A cancellation will be accepted by your cancellation insurance if the reason is within their terms and conditions. In this case you will receive a full refund, excluding the administration/booking fee plus (if applicable) the excess of your insurance.

Costs of a booking

With your booking you will be charged an extra € 35,00 administration/booking fee. If you make any amendments to your booking there will be no extra charges.

Amendments by Wens Chalets BV

Due to unforeseen circumstances Wens Chalets BV reserves the right to amend or cancel a booking. Wens Chalets will inform the guests as soon as possible. Wens Chalets has the right to find an alternative accommodation of the same standard or when this is not possible the guest will receive  a full refund.

When a chalet cannot be reached due to exceptional and unforeseen circumstances, there will be no refund (snowfall, danger of avalanches, closure of roads by local authorities which results to no access to the chalet). Wens Chalets holds right to cancel a reservation when they are forced to do so through circumstances they have no influence on, including war, strikes, riots and other circumstances of unavoidable casualties.

If the chalet is closed by the government for the period you rented the chalet due to a pandemic, you will have the opportunity, if available, to rebook your stay or to receive a voucher of 100% of the value of your reservation. This voucher will be valid for one year.


With all our best intentions and care to provide a perfect holiday it is sometimes inevitable mistakes happen. If this occurs then please inform the chalet staff immediately and also notify Wens Chalets BV. When returning from your holiday contact Wens Chalets BV in writing within 4 weeks. Comments made by you on the questionnaire form will not be dealt with as a complaint.

Wens Chalets bv takes no responsibility of any commitments of their staff when this has not been confirmed in writing by a competent representative of Wens Chalets. 


Animals are not allowed in our chalets. In case of a group booking, please check for possible exceptions upon the time of booking. 

Sauna / bubble bath / fireplace

When a sauna or bubble bath is available in your chalet, you can make use of this every day between 17:00 – 19:00hrs free of charge. Please inform the staff in advance when you would like to use the sauna, so they can it turn it on for you beforehand.

Internet / WIFI

The user is not allowed to use the WiFi network to spread spam, viruses and illegal software. Also the WiFi network in the chalets cannot be used for illegal businesses and/or illegal activities by Dutch law. We have a fair-use policy for the internet availability / acces. (bandwidth.) In concern to all users it is not allowed to down- or upload large files like movies and cd-images. Wens Chalets has the right to ristrict the bandwidth, use filters and block the so-called 'peer-to-peer' connections. When specific websites charge too much of the network, Wens Chalets can block these. These rules are ment for the benefit of all users. Our WIFI is not suitable for downloading movies or other large files. We offer WIFI as an extra service. On the functionality of our WIFI no rights can be derived.


In all our chalets, smoking is not allowed. Should the staff note that you have smoked inside the chalet, a fine of Euro 500,- applies.

Damage/theft and loss

Wens Chalets BV is not responsible for any damage or injuries made to a person in any case. Also in case of theft, loss of damage to any belongings of the guests, money included, Wens Chalets BV will not be responsible. Therefore booking a good insurance is highly recommended.When damage has occurred to the chalet by guests, the chalet staff will complete a damage report form and Wens Chalets BV will charge the costs of the damage to the guests.

Holiday pictures

If you like to send us any holiday pictures, usable for our brochure and/or website, please account for the following; After sending the pictures all rights of these, will go to Wens Chalets BV. Selected pictures will be filed in the system and it is not possible to send a reproduction. Non selected pictures will be sent back to you upon request.

Wens Chalets BV is not responsible for any of these pictures.


When a guest behaves inappropriately Wens Chalets has the right to exclude this person from the holiday, without refunding any costs of the holiday.

Skirental and lessons

In some cases it is possible to receive a discount on skirental, -lessons and/or -passes via Wens Chalets. In all cases, you have a commitment directly with the skirental, skischool or skipass company. Therefore Wens Chalets is not responsible for these commitments. All prices, reductions and informations which are communicated by Wens Chalets and their staff on the spot is subject to errors and changes.

Transportation by third parties

Transportation that is booked by Wens Chalets bv, will be executed by a third party. The (payment) conditions used by the transportation company, apply to this travel arrangement. These conditions only apply  to the transport arrangement, not on the arrangement in a Wens Chalet. Wens Chalets cannot be held responsible in any way by (non-)performances.

In case of mistakes/errors made on the website/brochure, in the price lists or due to translation, Wens Chalets BV will not be legally binded to these.

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