Travel and cancellation insurance

Do you want a travel and/or cancellation insurance for your skiing or other travel? Book your insurance through Wens Chalets, so you book the right insurance (with winter sports coverage). Please note that insurances are only available to Dutch citizens.

The ideal travel insurance for winter sports!

  • The premium per person per day is around € 3,00 including winter sports cover, medical expenses and accidents; 
  • Surcharge along to insure € 500.00 cash and cheques per insured or per policy is € 1,00; 
  • Children under 5 are insured free. One-off policy costs are € 3,50.

Basic coverage

  • Telecommunication costs € 100,00; 
  • Extraordinary expenses cost; 
  • Dental costs € 350,00; 
  • Luggage total € 3000,00; 
  • Video, audio and computer equipment max. € 1500,00.; 
  • Damage accommodation € 300,00.

Cancellation Insurance

The fee for the elaborate Allrisk Insurance is 7,4% of the total fare.

There is a surcharge  of 21%, which is the insurance tax. Single policy costs are €3,50.

Cancellation insurance will give you financial security in case of cancellation, delay in departure/arrival time or termination of your holidays with the right reason (extensive terms will be sent to you on request or they can be found at the website of a.s.r. verzekeringen). The cancellation insurance should preferably be requested a week after the booking of the trip. 

Business clause 

Maybe you have appointed someone who will take care of all you work when you are on holiday, like an agent or someone who takes care of your home, pets or plants. If something happens to one of them you have to fly back or maybe you cannot even start your holiday. With this option the costs of these problems, including termination charges, are insured. It is even possible to insure two appointees.