Extra Deluxe

Are you looking for extra luxury in your catered chalet? We are happy to offer you various additional Packages!

The Wens Chalets formula guarantees a carefree holiday. With an extensive breakfast buffet, a delicious three-course dinner, and all drinks included, you can fully enjoy your winter sports trip.

The Deluxe Drinks Package  

Enjoy an après-ski drink at home!

  • Aperol
  • Sparkling wine
  • Alcohol-free Beer
  • Stiegl beer
  • White beer 
  • Energy drink
  • Tonic

The price for a week's stay is € 35 p.p. and for a short ski € 25 p.p.

Lunch In Your Chalet

Would you like to go home at midday to enjoy your own lunch? 

  • Sandwich
  • Filling
  • Dairy products (yogurts etc.)
  • Breakfast cereals 
  • Fruit 
  • Chocolate bar 
  • A refrigerator full of drinks!

The price: € 10 p.p. per day. This package must be booked in advance.

Lunch Take Away

Would you like to take your lunch with you on the slopes? At breakfast, we provide extras for you to take away!

  • Sandwiches
  • Filling
  • Bottle of water (Still or Sparkling)
  • Fruit
  • Chocolate bar
  • Dried sausage

The price: € 7.50 p.p. per day. This package must be booked in advance. 

The Comfort Package

Do you like the idea of fresh towels and a snack after an active day? Then this is for you!

  • Every afternoon an appetizing snack! (excluding arrival and departure days)
  • A shower set from Rituals
  • A towel package;

The Comfort Package can only be booked by the entire traveling group.
The price for a week's stay is € 25 p.p. and for a short ski € 15 p.p.

Towels package

Save more space in your suitcases!

  • Big towel
  • Medium size towel
  • Fresh towels twice a week and with a short ski once per stay.

The price for a week's stay is € 8.50 p.p and for a short ski € 6 p.p.