COVID Money Refund guarantee

Book with certainty at Wens Chalets. The chance of a new Covid revival remains for the 2022-2023 season. This can lead to uncertainty when booking your winter sports. What if there is another outbreak, will I lose my money? Or will I receive a voucher again?


We offer a unique money back guarantee especially for our guests. Without this guarantee, Wens Chalets is obliged to offer you a comparable alternative first. A lockdown of an area by Covid has shown that this amounts to a voucher for the next season. Do you not want a voucher but your money refunded if your winter sports holiday cannot take place due to Covid? Then the money-refund guarantee offers a suitable alternative.

For only a small additional payment you are assured that you will not receive a voucher, but your full travel sum (excluding the costs for this guarantee, any insurance and administration costs). This in the event that the area is closed to all guests during the period of your stay by (local) authorities in Austria, France or Italy due to a Covid outbreak.

With this we offer our guests peace of mind when booking their Wens chalet. Everyone can look forward to a wonderful winter sports holiday in the coming season with confidence and pleasure!

What does the COVID Money Refund Guarantee mean?

At Wens Chalets you have the option to take out a COVID Money Refund guarantee, whereby you are guaranteed to get your money back from the booking made within 2 weeks. The alternative is that we offer you a voucher for an equivalent trip in the same season or the following season.

The COVID guarantee applies in the event that your booked holiday cannot take place due to the COVID measures taken by the government that apply to all tourists at your holiday destination. In this case, we will offer you an equivalent alternative or cancel your stay. After cancellation you will usually receive your money back within 2 weeks.

If the chalet is closed by the government due to a pandemic, you will have the opportunity, if available, to rebook your stay to another time in the same season, or the following season. You will receive a voucher for this for 100% of the value of the booking amount. This voucher is valid for 16 months from the date of issue.

When does the COVID Money Refund Guarantee apply?

  • In the event of a mandatory quarantine at the holiday destination causing it; minimum of 5 ski days cannot be achieved with a booked week;
  • A total entry ban for tourists from the country of origin;
  • The country of origin of the main booker is leading for the entire group;
  • If we cannot open the chalet, measures taken by the government in the relevant country.

When does the COVID Money Back Guarantee not apply?

  • It is for the traveler his/her own responsibility to comply with the applicable COVID measures at the destination. Even if these measures change shortly before departure;
  • The traveler must ensure that he has the correct travel documents, vaccinations, vaccination certificates and other necessary additional information. Wens Chalets bears no responsibility for this;
  • If you want to cancel earlier yourself due to the COVID measures, our standard cancellation conditions apply;
  • When you or someone in your party is infected with COVID. For this you need to take out cancellation insurance.

The assessment to cancel in connection with the COVID measures taken takes place 2 days before departure, because the measures can change quickly per country and we often only get clarity about this at the last minute.

Wens Chalets must adhere to the measures taken by the destination. It is therefore possible that these measures are different than in the Netherlands.

To stay up-to-date on all measures per holiday destination, we strongly recommend that you keep up with the latest available information regarding Covid, in order to comply with all measures and to stay fully informed.

Our COVID Money Back Guarantee is not insurance.

To take out travel or cancellation insurance, we recommend that you get in touch with your insurance company.

Download here the F.A.Q.