Summer residences

Besides an extensive range of catered chalets during winter time, Wens Chalets also gives you the possibility to carelessly enjoy your summer holidays. It is not only possible to book some of our chalets during the summer time, but we also offer you two unique residences in the south of France and Tuscany, Italy.  

Residence De Mas in Cestayrols, South of France


Serene surroundings covered with sun flowers and vineyards gives the area, in which Residence De Mas is located,  it’s Tuscan allure. Our beautiful residence is located in the village Cestayrols, which is not far from the cities Albi and Toulouse. The residence consists of multiple buildings, a large garden, a swimming pool and a tennis court. Enjoy our hospitality and excellent care, together with your family or a group with a maximum of 18 persons. 

 For more information about Residence De Mas, please click here.

Casa La Volonta, Montalcinello (Tuscan), Italy


Next to the picturesque village Montalcinello and only 30 kilometres of Siena you can enjoy everything Italy has to offer you. Your private villa has a big garden and a beautiful pool. Also for a summer holiday in Italy Wens Chalets offers you a care free time, with high quality service.

More information on Casa La Volonta can be found here.


Golf and enjoy


Just like our winter holidays,  we want to offer our guests the opportunity to have an active summer holiday as well.  That is why we offer special golf packages. Surrounding De Mas residence various golf courses are available. With the special golf package Wens Chalets offers, you can play 4 rounds of golf at all three amazing golf courses which this area has to offer. You can play at the well-known Golf d’Albi Lasbordes; as well as at the region’s eldest and charming golf course, Golf De Mazamet-La Barouge. You can also bring your game to the next level by taking a  lesson from Jean-Francois Guillerm, Victor Dubuisson his ex-coach!

After you have played 18-holes and you have filled out your score card it is time to head back to the residence. There you can relax and share your scores while enjoying a snack and a drink. After dinner you can already start preparing for another fun day at a new amazing golf course.