Guest experiences and reviews

We would like to share other guests’ feedback of Wens Chalets with you. We send our guests a survey after a stay in one of our catered chalets and ask them to write a review. These reviews are listed below. Of course you can also find reviews about Wens Chalets on Zoover and Tripadvisor.


A large chalet with stunning views, near the village. The two apartments on the lower floor were fully equipped and ideal to have lunch with your own family. The two rooms on the top floor were great, but have less privacy since the kitchen is stationed on this floor where the staff prepares food. 'Children's stamps' are within walking distance so besides skiing plenty of sledding can also be done! The people in the village and the ski areas were very friendly and helpful. Here the winter sports are very much appreciated! 

Janne - 15 January 2014

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